Typewriter journal or handwriting ?

This blog I wrote for my friend, as I know, is very nice and kind heart person. The story begin when I saw his handwriting journal a long long time ago, as for I know, is very interesting. Beside it contain full of art-pieces inside, it is also have really deep story of him. Then I said to him, why don’t you share the journal to social media? even I get inspire from his journal. But, he said Big No just for the sake of bad handwriting, which is I thought actually is Yes for Art. Than he asked me to makeover his journal by my own creativity, so he really confident to share it to social media. Than I said, okay.

repentance as we remembering of death
poetry of remembering someone

But wait a minute… How? I won’t apply my handwriting to his journal and acclaimed as his in his social media. So, for a good starter for him, I made it use my old / (not so) vintage typewriter and stationary I had that time. With hoping that after I made him a few picture than he can continue it by himself, by his own pieces of art.

Than I moved to Taiwan for study, and its been a long time no catch up with him because drowning in  ourselves-business. Than now I got the news that he passed away.

Now as in memorial to him and our collaboration ever made, (the content is from him, than I remade and photographed them) I decide it to share in it on my own. Have peace my friend.

“We all belong to Alloh, and to Alloh we will return”

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