Typewriter journal or handwriting ?

This blog I wrote for my friend, as I know, is very nice and kind heart person. The story begin when I saw his handwriting journal a long long time ago, as for I know, is very interesting. Beside it contain full of art-pieces inside, it is also have really deep story of him. Then I said to him, why don’t you share the journal to social media? even I get inspire from his journal. But, he said Big No just for the sake of bad handwriting, which is I thought actually is Yes for Art. Than he asked me to makeover his journal by my own creativity, so he really confident to share it to social media. Than I said, okay.

repentance as we remembering of death
poetry of remembering someone

But wait a minute… How? I won’t apply my handwriting to his journal and acclaimed as his in his social media. So, for a good starter for him, I made it use my old / (not so) vintage typewriter and stationary I had that time. With hoping that after I made him a few picture than he can continue it by himself, by his own pieces of art.

Than I moved to Taiwan for study, and its been a long time no catch up with him because drowning in  ourselves-business. Than now I got the news that he passed away.

Now as in memorial to him and our collaboration ever made, (the content is from him, than I remade and photographed them) I decide it to share in it on my own. Have peace my friend.

“We all belong to Alloh, and to Alloh we will return”

Handwriting on Card

Digital world nowadays make something-hand-made become more precious and personally heart-touched. One of the example is writing on card for special occasions or events to someone respectably.

handwriting on Cards

Here some examples of Teacher Day cards which me and my classmate made. As you can see (or read that Chinese one), maybe the words we wrote not really good, hahaha, but the handwriting make it so special.

Handwriting on Cards

Now, can you spot where my handwriting is? (for a clue, I’m not write Chinese these good. haha)

Handwriting on Cards

Gold and Red Calligraphy Card on Chinese New Year

Soon, will arrive ‘Pig Year’ of Chinese New Year. Red and Gold colors will dominate everything due to it, whatever named the year is. The tradition to get together with people or someone we love and cherish the moment is a must at this time, and giving something as part of sharing the happiness like a presents, cake or card will become a common situation at the day.

Try to make card with Calligraphy on it will be a special gift for special one. Here some examples to be your reference:

Gold paint/color on white paper
look how rich of gold on this wet ink !

First, find a rich and dope ink or paint to make the Calligraphy. Could be red or gold. Then try to the white paper to look how the ink or paint goes, is it good or have some bloopers on the paper or maybe the color didn’t comes up right as it expected.

Shiny look of Gold paint/color on white paper card

Here I choose card that have white paper inside with red cover. And the result looks stunning !

Dope look of Gold paint/color on white paper card

Here another setting of photo just to show another look of the result.

Shiny look of Gold paint/color on red paper card

Now, I choose the red card with overall red! And do the same thing with the white paper.

Dope look of Gold paint/color on red paper card

And the overall look is still stunning ! 恭喜。

Cherry Blossom

final result of cherry blossom watercolor and calligraphy of poetry or poem

adding calligraphy of poem or poetry to the floral watercolor drawing give a romantic feeling and also as a message to the watercolor itself.

calligraphy of a message to the client

give some personal message to the client with calligraphy.

process of cherry blossom watercolor

planning with placing the watercolor drawing and calligraphy position on the paper is essential to give an aesthetic overall look.

original photo of the cherry blossom

originally, the photo itself already beautiful 🙂 it is from 林伯翰, my favorite photographer in Taiwan.